For those who love naturalistic tourism and birdwatching, Po Delta Park is undoubtedly the perfect and heavenly habitat: the riverbanks and the turrets allow the visitors to observe lagoons, fish farms and flood plains from the top, places that host several bird species.

There are more than 350 species recorded on the territory during the year: seagulls, red, white and grey herons, cormorants, little egrets, black-crowned night herons, black-winged stilts, sunbitterns, gooses and any kind of duck (mallards, common pochards, garganeys,northern shovelers, widgeons) and last but not least the greater flamingos.

The perfect period for birdwatchers is during the coldest season, from December to February, because this is the time of the year where the settled fauna and the migratory fauna are concentrated in this area looking for shelter in the valleys or in the country and becoming more visible and watchable.

Some of the perfect areas for birdwatching in Po Delta are:

  • Via delle Valli del Sud: large lagoons where you can sight thousands of ducks, stilts, and mud-dwelling birds in any season. The stretch from Porto Levante to Po di Maistra is equipped with sighting towers and observation points.
  • Oasi di Ca’ Mello: Managed by Veneto Agricoltura, it is equipped with a sighting tower. The Bearded Tit can be seen in this area.
  • Valle Canelle: At the crossroads between the SP road of Rosolina Mare and Via delle Valli, on the right, there is a heronry with Purple and Grey Herons. If you go along Via delle Valli – beginning not far from there – in summer you can sight Greater Flamingos.
  • Po di Maistra: this river, which was the main branch in ancient times, is considered the most spectacular branch of the Po Delta for the richness and variety of the avifauna populating it and for the presence of an extraordinary riparian arboreal heritage.

Every season is perfect for birdwatching in Po Delta, but the most beautiful ones for the quantity of the species to scout, the colors and the landscape, are spring and fall during the dawn or the dusk, because this is when the fauna is particularly active and looking for nourishment.

It is necessary to have a proper equipment: binoculars, a sportive or camouflage apparel. It is better moving without making noise, following the small groups in various equipped path with turrets and camouflage hide inside the vegetation of the oasis.

For the excursions, nature and sport lovers, cannot miss the birdwatching itineraries and the occasion to live an active vacation in Po Delta Park at Tenuta Goro Veneto,