At Tenuta Goro Veneto you can book exciting boat trips in Po Delta Park thanks to Marino Cacciatori’s motor-ships and boats of his navigation business.

You can live suggestive boat trips in Po Delta Park on the following boats: Venere motor-ship that sails along Po Delta branches and is equipped with toilets, bar, large air-conditioned hall, perfect for conferences and lunches and a deck where is possible to admire lagoons and rushes.

The Lino Beccati motor-ship, is the only boat with open-able transparent roof and then there are the Scano Boa’s boats, built expressly to explore the nature, thanks to the flat bottom they can sail in the lowest river bottoms and enter in the most suggestive corners of the Park.

Boat trips in Po Delta Park: Po di Goro between history and nature

This boat trip lasts all day long and it starts from the amazing background of Mesola Castle, sailing back the course of the river and land in San Basilio for visiting Touristic Cultural Center, that collects some findings of the Roman Empire, the archeological digs and the Romanesque parish church.

Sailing towards the valleys, the flood plains, the poplars and the willows, we arrive to Ca’ Vandramin, the ex-draining pump, now an interesting example of industrial archeology, that holds the Regional Land Reclamation Museum.

Then we left Goro behind, Gorino and the bridge of boats, and we arrive to the mouth of the river in order to observe where the river meets the sea, and we land in the Island of Love at the foot of the lighthouse of Goro.

Boat trips in Po Delta Park: Caleri Lagoon and the water gardens

On board of a flat bottom ship we will sail in the northeast areas of the Po Delta Park, Caleri Lagoon. This place is located in the Municipality of Rosolina, between the mouth of the Adige River and Po of Levante, the humid zone of Caleri hosts many species of birds: the Eurasian woodcock and the common terns nest in the emerged shoals, and it is possible to see purple herons,  grey herons, curlews and other species.

The lagoon is also an economical resource, indeed is dived in water gardens for the mussel farming and is characterized by the presence of the cavane, covered shelters for boats typical of the city and lagoon of Venice.

To end with a bang, we advise you to visit the near Botanic Garden of Porto Caleri, an area of 24 hectares between the lagoon and the sea, where you can distinguish many different micro-ecosystems, about 220 of vegetable species and some endemism among the animal species, like Pelobates fuscus.